Terms & Conditions

Purchasing of an IVWebsites.com website hosting package is bound by the terms of this agreement.  This agreement is made by and between IVWebsites.com - Indexed Visuals, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “IV” and the individual or organization (hereinafter referred to as “participant”).


  1. Pricing of packages are subject to change.
  2. All hosting contracts are for one (1) calendar year, commencing from the registration date specified at the time of registration.  Early cancelations of accounts are subject to a $75 cancelation fee.  Used monthly time on the account will not be refunded.  After the first 12 months, participants may choose to cancel at any time without penalty, continue paying on a monthly schedule, or purchase a new one year contract.  All renewal payment options are subject to a new 1 year contract except when choosing the monthly payment option. Monthly payment option, (after the first 12 months), is a month-to-month contract and can be canceled at the end of any given month.  Participants will be responsible for the entire cost of their time spent on the site including the current month of their cancellation.  Notice of cancellation must be received prior to beginning of following month or renewal date. Participants are solely and financially responsible for the entire time that their listing is served up by IV.  
  3. Participant is responsible for all image copyright guarantees and proof of ownership for listed materials.  Participants must own or acquire the proper permission and or licenses required for the materials displayed on their website.  Participants are solely responsible for attaining permission and releases.  Participants agree to hold IV harmless in respect to litigation involving ownership or copyright of any displayed artwork.  Participant agrees to hold IV harmless in respect to any unauthorized usage of posted information or visuals by third party organizations or individuals.
  4. IV reserves the right to refuse or remove any images(s) or website it finds not appropriate.  Posting of illegal or non-licensed copyrighted materials will not be allowed. Determination of inappropriate materials is the sole discretion of IV. 
  5. IV is not responsible for site down time.  Due to the nature of the internet, it is impossible to guarantee 100% up time of participant listings.  IV will make every effort reasonably possible to ensure as close to 100% up time as possible.
  6. Services and features are subject to change.  This may include, but not be limited to, the addition of new feature sets and/or the removal of under utilized or obsolete services or features accessible to participants or viewers through the system.
  7. Participant grants IV the right to use a promotional preview image of any participants website(s) for online and/or print based advertising for the sole purpose of showcasing the capabilities of IVwebsites site building capabilities. 
  8. Any copyright claims that IV may have in the images appearing on the IVwebsite.com site are limited to that site as a collective work.  IV claims no property right or copyright in the individual participants images.  Copyright to images and information posted by participants shall remain wholly owned by the participant.  No information posted on IVWebsites shall constitute joint works of IV and the participant, nor shall the website constitute a joint venture or partnership between IV and the participant.
  9. Participant materials provided to IV shall not constitute IV stock in trade, salable or assignable property, trade secrets or other assets, and shall not be used as security or as a secured interest for protection in bankruptcy. 
  10. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the aggrieved party may bring suit in any court of competent jurisdiction where that party resides.  Both parties consent to binding arbitration under rules of the American Arbitration Association she the aggrieved party elect to settle the dispute in that fashion.  Any award rendered by the arbitrator shall be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.


Parties identified in this form acknowledge the above terms, and agree to the services provided by IVWebsites.com and Indexed Visuals, Inc. in accordance with the terms as set forth herein.